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Please read and think about adopting a puppy very seriously before contacting us or any breeder or shelter. Adoption is for life which means the whole life of a dog. ( 10 to 15 years on average)

We breed for ourselves first and foremost .Our contract states all puppies/dogs which we breed are to be returned to us should the "Buyer" not he able to take care of the puppy/ or dog. The reasons for this include: should the owner(s) come to an untimely death, moving to a different country where the dog would be in quarantine for 6 months, tired of the dog, divorce, work loads, job loss etc etc. There are tons of reasons. Our interest is certainly not to "sell" him again but to make sure WE place in as good a home as we did with our initial buyer.

It takes money to own and care for a dog. If he injures himself and need a $5,000.00 + surgery is this allowable in your budget?Many pets are euthanized due to budget limitations. There are annual vets fees and visits, medication if needed, good wholesome food isn't cheap, grooming, crates, leads collars etc. Boarding fees. It is on average $15,000.00 to care for a dog for his life IF everything is normal and well. Accidents can and do happen. Life happens with all the good and bad. No dog is perfect despite the most excellent and diligent breeding practices. If you want the perfect dog than please do not ever buy a dog.

Attach a note to your Will and Testament saying the dog has to be returned to the breeder. If a family member would like to keep him than we are all for that given they come over and we then sign a new contract and can offer support for the rest of the dogs life and to them.

The reasons why we want to maintain contact with our clients is to help them if any problems should arise. Most often we own both parents and occasionally breed to an outside stud dog. When you see a doctor you are always asked for family history...etc etc. The same applies to dogs although most vets don't ask. We are committed to the puppies we place in homes and care very much about their happiness, health and well being. So if concerns should arise than we are more than happy to help. If there should be a health problem we want to know as this is important for the betterment of the breed!  In other words we stand by what we breed.

We ask you do obedience training classes in order to have a well behaved companion who you can take anywhere . A good dog is an incredible pleasure. An ill behaved dog is a nightmare! The classes train you as well to do things correctly from the start.

A puppy is not for everyone. It is a lot of work, very demanding, lots of patience and puts a bit of damper on your life in the beginning. Goldens are late bloomers and also have the terrible 2's. We are here also to help with this...and are pleased to do so.

Do you have a backyard where you can play ball with him or will he be on a leash his whole life? This is a breed which needs to run and be active. An obese golden is a sin and we will cancel our garantee if one of our dogs is obese and never sell you another dog.

A dog and especially a golden has to be part of the family. They love people and need affection and live to be with you.

We do not condone locking your golden in the garage when you go to work for the day. This is why we emphasize crate training.

We are very selective with who adopts our dogs.

Puppies are not gifts.

The novelty wears off quickly with kids.

It is a family committment.

Goldens are not for lazy people, they are hunting dogs and need to run, play and be taught good manners.

This is an very unfortunate growing problem: As advertised in the US mostly and some in Canada: NO they are not RARE, nor WHITE and if you pay more than $2500.00 for a light coloured golden than you are simply being TAKEN! There is no reason at all that a cream or light golden should command a higher price! So, as the saying goes "BUYER BEWARE"! Also dogs advertised as multi Champions such as Spanish CH. International CH. for example. The truth about these Champion titles are simply that the dog has beaten a few dogs in the show ring and is now a Champion. They do not attach to much meaning. You can have a Canadian Champion who is very unsound in health and temperament. Because the CH. prefix attached to you puppies' parents doesn't mean you are getting a great sound puppy with exceptional temperament and structure! We urge people to go visit kennels, meet the people, look for cleanliness, see the dogs and their dispositions. If the chemistry is good and there is no ill gutt feeling  on either side than that is the puppy for you and the breeder for you. If you do have a bad gutt feeling than walk away. We have imported dogs which cost us plenty to go to the UK and pick up our puppy. This does not justify selling our puppies for more. This was our choice and it is our passion. Again, buyer beware. Food for thought ;-)

English Type Golden retrievers